Buick’s Design Inspirations Might Surprise You

Designers use all kinds of ideas for their work—some more creative than others, and others, like Buick’s design inspirations, might surprise you. The automaker has shared some of the design work that has gone into creating the award-winning Buick Avenir concept and some of its upcoming models, revealing that food is one of its principal inspirations. No wonder their cars look so yummy!

Buick’s design inspirations pic
Buick’s design inspirations on models like this Avenir Concept come from food of all things.

Specifically, Buick has found food to be a great source from which to draw when it comes to vehicle colors. According to Design with Science founder Sally Augustin, “a positive experience with a particular food … can develop positive associations with the colors that are clearly linked to that item.” And PPG industries, an automotive paint maker, found that 60% of consumers consider color in their purchase decisions.

You can see that influence in our lineup at Linus Buick Cadillac GMC. The Choccachino interior available in the 2016 Enclave was inspired by chocolate and coffee tones; the Toasted Coconut Metallic paint available on the 2016 Cascada was inspired by golden brown coconut flakes; and the Crystalline color of the Avenir concept car was inspired by the multi-layered green undertones of an artichoke!

Cadillac ATS and CTS Upgrades Include New Engines and Technology

ATS and CTS upgrades pic
The 2016 Cadillac ATS and CTS upgrades promise to bring both tech and performance increases.

For the upcoming 2016 model year, Cadillac has unveiled that both the ATS and CTS sedan will receive several powertrain and equipment updates. The ATS and CTS upgrades will include additions to the engine range, better smartphone connectivity, and more safety features.

Both sedans still come with a 3.6-liter direct injection V6 engine, but the engine has been improved to deliver 333 horsepower and 285 lb-ft of torque. When compared to the same engine on the previous models, that’s a 12 hp and 7 lb-ft difference, respectively. This also comes with Active Fuel Management, making the ATS and CTS more fuel efficient than ever. In addition, there is another engine option – the 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, which has been given Stop/Start technology to improve fuel economy even more.

As for the technology, the CUE infotainment system is gaining both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, attracting a wider variety of smartphone users. Safety technology includes both passive and active systems such as driver alerts and a 360-degree camera for the CTS.

The ATS and CTS upgrades were done to make both sedans more advanced, refined, and efficient, without sacrificing power. Other updates, such as the addition of three new colors to the palettes for each vehicle, focus more on appearances. Either way, Cadillac is showing a commitment to improvement and here at Linus Cadillac Buick GMC, we’re excited about it.

Durant-Dort Factory One to Become Archive and Research Center

Durant-Dort Factory One pic
GM is converting the Durant-Dort Factory One into an Archive and Research center

The historic Durant-Dort Carriage Co. “Factory One” building in Flint, Michigan, is considered by many to be the birthplace of General Motors. GM has recently announced that it will invest millions into renovating the historic building, transforming it into a GM archive and research center.

Originally part of the Flint Cotton & Woolen Mills company, the building was later rented by William Crapo Durant and Josiah Dallas Dort. At this time, the two were running the Flint Road Cart Company, but Durant later took over Buick Motor Co, and shortly after, GM was founded in 1908.

GM purchased the Durant-Dort Factory One building in 2013, and has since spent $3 million on exterior repairs, new windows, and doors, and new fencing. GM plans to relocate an automotive collection from nearby Kettering University to the first floor of the building’s east wing. The second floor will be reserved for GM meeting areas, which can also be used for community and educational groups’ classes, meetings, and research.

“Factory One truly is the epicenter of the automotive industry and, as such, it makes sense to create a world-class archive where anybody can learn how carriage builders in Flint launched the global auto industry,” Mark Reuss, GM’s head of global product development, purchasing and supply chain operations, said in a statement.

Here at Linus Buick Cadillac GMC, we are thrilled that GM is creating a space where the history of the brand will live on. We look forward to seeing how the historic building will transform in the coming years!