The Best Places for Tubing in Florida

Florida is the most popular state for vacationing in the country, and it’s also the perfect place to float down a lazy river in an inner tube. Check out some of these perfect rivers for tubing in Florida.

One of the most famous tubing rivers in Florida is the Ichetucknee in Fort White in north Florida, where you’ll find sandy beaches and beautiful scenery. There’s a max on the number of tubers per day, though, so arrive early.

Rainbow Springs State Park is another great spot, not that far south of the Ichetucknee. The river is wide and the current is slow, so you have plenty of time to take in the lush trees and colorful flowers. Kelly Park in Apopka has a short 30-minute stream for tubing, and Blue Springs State Park has an even shorter route where you can ride your inner tube down to the springs and swim all day.

Go tubing at Madison Blue Springs, once named the best swimming hole in the country by USA Today, or if you’re looking for a party, hit up Ginnie Springs, which allows alcohol and can get a little wild on the weekends. However you’re looking to spend your day, there’s a tubing spot for you. Find out more at Linus Buick GMC!

Off Roading in Florida: The Best Spots

Off roading is a great way to make the most of your GMC truck. That’s why we’ve put together a list of places you can off-road in Florida, including public lands. Read on to learn more about safe and fun locations to take your new GMC truck. There’s nothing more thrilling than off roading in Florida.

According to the Florida Department of Agriculture, there are a number of places you can ride in the state. Among the off-highway vehicle sites in Florida are the Blackwater River State Forest, Apalachicola National Forest, Tate’s Hell, Osceola, Withlacoochee, Ocala, and Big Cypress National Preserve. These are located in various locations across the state to make it easy to find places to go off roading.

It’s important to remember that you must have a title for any off-highway vehicles (OHV) that you own, especially those operated on public land. One of the most popular locations is the Withlacoochee State Forest, which has hardwood, scrub, and a distinct landscape. Mining operations have drastically changed the environment, making the area one of a kind. You’ll also find places for camping and picnicking.

Thinking about going off road in your new car? Stop by Linus Buick GMC to learn more about the best vehicles for the job.

Kid Friendly Summer Bucket List Items

kite flying - Vero Beach, FLSummer is a magical time for people of all ages, especially kids. As the weather gets warmer and the sky brighter outdoor adventures are a must.

Luckily, there’s never a shortage of fun things to do! There are literally hundreds of activities for kids to enjoy, but these few always belong on the summer bucket list.


What better way to enjoy summer than by venturing outside for a picnic! Pack along food and refreshments, roll out that blanket and soak in the sun for a peaceful experience


Simple but so effective. Let the wind carry your kite as you chase after it to and fro. A great way to have fun and also get in some exercise!

Backyard Camping

You don’t have to travel far to get away from it all! Spend a night under the stars and become one with nature as you sleep in the gentle breeze.

Water Balloon Fights

Perfect for groups of friend to enjoy together, you can fill up colorful water balloons and throw with all your might as you try to stay cool in the summer heat.

Ice Cream Trips

Last but certainly not least: getting ice cream! The treat that’s ideal during those hot days, ice cream is a staple of surviving summer.

Have any more ideas? Linus Cadillac Buick GMC would love to hear them!

How to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

Now that winter’s over, you need to help your car get back on its feet after the harsh winter weather. Getting your car ready for spring may sound like a daunting task, but if you follow these easy steps, it’s a piece of cake.

First, give it a thorough wash, or even go through a car wash. Make sure you clean off the underside of the car thoroughly to get all the built-up dirt and salt off to prevent it from rusting. While you’re at it, you might want to clean the inside of the car out too—vacuum the carpets to get up all the mud that’s gotten caked on them over the last few months.

2017 GMC Acadia a car ready for spring
The 2017 GMC Acadia is ready for spring!

Next, have the battery inspected, since cold weather can be hard on them and even give them a last kick toward the grave if they were already weak. You should also check your tire pressure and add or let out air if necessary since cold weather can shrink the air in your tires. Now is also a great time to change your wiper blades.

Get an oil change and have the rest of your fluids checked and topped off. If your mechanic or dealership is offering other services, think about taking them! Tire rotation, battery checks, and more might be available at a good price.

Beat the Heat: Keeping Your Car Cool this Summer

Keeping your car coolKeeping your car cool in the summer can not only prevent unnecessary breakdowns, but it can also extend the life of your car. Plus, a cool cabin is much more enjoyable for drivers and passengers. That’s why we’ve put together a list of ways for keeping your car cool in warm weather. Not only can you beat the heat, but there are also several ways to optimize cooling and/or save money in the process.

According to CNet, shade is one of the best ways to beat the heat. Cars can reach unbearable temperatures when they sit in sunlight, capable of melting plastic and ruining leather. Plus, overexposure and cause paint to fade as well. Looking for a shaded spot may take a few extra minutes, but it is well worth it.

Instead of setting the A/C to full blast, one good tip is to toggle the A/C. You should always turn off the “recirculation” button (this button usually has a small car with arrows rotating inside), as this takes air from the cabin to reuse it. Normally, air on the inside of your car is warmer than the outside, so this simply makes cooling more difficult. Also, to save gas, try turning on the A/C only when you absolutely need it.

You should also use the bottom vents. One good technique is to open the windows and “push” the hot air out by blasting the floor vents with cool air. Though not necessarily efficient, this will cool your car quickly.

Finally, use a sun shade. These shiny reflectors keep the hot rays out. Premium UV shields can set you back hundreds of dollars, though sometimes all you need is a blanket or a piece of cardboard. If you are worried about appearance, then you may want to opt for a shade from your local auto parts store.

Spring is in the Air: Transporting Gardening Materials

transporting gardening materialsFor those with green thumbs, spring is the best time of the year. We’ve put together a post on transporting gardening materials, helping you to get the most out of your green space. It not only matters what you select, but also how you get it back to your home. No sense in spending money if you don’t know the ins and outs of gardening.

According to Gardening Know How, one of the most important things is knowing when to move plants. It is best to move perennials in the early spring or even the fall, when the temperatures are not too hot. Summer is the worst time to relocate plants. If it is too wet, consider waiting until late spring.

When moving plants, get as much of the root system as possible. Keep excess soil, as it will protect plant root systems during the move. This ball of soil and roots must be kept moist, so be sure to cover your car if you don’t want too much of a mess. Move as quickly as possible; too much time out of the ground can kill plants.

Also, if you have a truck, avoid wind damage by going slow or covering plants. If you plan on travelling far with gardening supplies and plants, be sure to stop every few hours to check moisture levels.

Finally, after driving plants, check for damage and remove any broken leaves or branches. It is best to relocate plants in the early day or during an overcast, as too much exposure to the sun can dry them out. Remember to use a tarp or sheet to avoid unnecessary dirt, and vacuum up messes as soon as possible to preserve your car’s interior.

Maintenance 101: When to Change Motor Oil

when to change motor oilKnowing when to change motor oil in your car can have a big impact on how long your engine holds up. Dirty engine oil with built-up particles corrodes the motor, so it’s important to know how to recognize it and when to change motor oil to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Years ago, before cars had advanced as much as they have today, the rule of thumb was to get an oil change every 3,000 miles. But this isn’t the case anymore—many new vehicles can go as many as 10 or 15,000 miles before an oil change is needed, and it varies from vehicle to vehicle. The best way to know is to check your owner’s manual or ask your car dealer.

You should still check your oil fairly regularly, though. It’s not hard to tell if the oil needs changed—just look at the color. Good, clean oil is honey-colored and won’t have any particles in it. If it’s black and it feels grainy when you rub it, get your oil changed ASAP. And if it’s in between—sort of brown but not grainy—you’ll want to get your oil changed soon, but it’s not an emergency.

Head into Linus if it’s time to get your oil changed!

What is an Airless Tire?

What is an Airless Tire? pic
You asked and we answered – What is an Airless Tire?

What is an airless tire?

Airless tires are exactly what they sound like – tires that do not require any air pressure. Found on some forklifts, construction equipment, riding lawn mowers, and motorized golf carts, airless tires free owners from the hassle of air leaks and flat tires. So why can’t we kiss air pumps, low-tire pressure warnings, and flat tires goodbye for good?

Unfortunately, airless tires may not become a standard in the future for passenger cars any time soon. The physics behind keeping cars on the road are much more complex than what is needed to move a lawn mower or construction equipment. High speeds, inclement weather, and needing to stop quickly are factors that all effect the engineering of our vehicles’ tires.

Despite plenty of research, engineers have been less-than-successful at recreating the comfort, safety, and efficiency that traditional air-filled tires can provide. According to Wikipedia, both Bridgestone and Michelin are currently developing air-free tires that claim to offer the ability to carry loads, absorb bumps, and provide handling similar to that of a traditional tire.

Here at Linus Cadillac Buick GMC, we want to know what you think: are airless tires the wave of the future, or should we stick to old trusty? Tell Linus in the comments!

OnStar AtYourService Gives You Free Stuff And Other Great Offers

OnStar AtYourService pic
OnStar AtYourService gets you free, cool stuff with it’s ability to custom-tailor itself with your searches.

Marketing research firm Maritz found that Buick customers are 30% more likely to enjoy a book as a leisure activity. And it’s just this kind of data that Buick uses to custom-tailor the OnStar AtYourService offers.


The latest offer is the best kind: a free offer. From now until the end of the year, Buick customers subscribed to OnStar will be able to download two free books of their choosing from


If you’ve never experienced them, audio books are a lovely way to enhance your commute. As Ian Small, president and COO, puts it, “Streaming audiobooks are a great way for drivers to discover a new favorite book while keeping their eyes on the road ahead.”


AtYourService doesn’t just offer free books, it’s a program designed to bring all sorts of great offers to Buick customers, such as offers on hotel rooms through and location-based offers from retailers and restaurants.


As Duncan Aldred, global VP of Buick Sales, Service and Marketing says, AtYourService is just another part of how Buick makes “every drive more productive or entertaining.”

Top Florida Radio Stations to Listen To

Whether you’re cruising with the windows down on a hot summer day or blasting heat in the winter, one of everybody’s favorite activities while driving is to turn up the radio and jam along to their favorite songs. If you’re getting bored of your usual station, here are a few other top Florida radio stations.

Florida is a diverse place and its population has a diverse taste in music. The only Top 40 station to make the list of ten most popular stations was Power 96. Other options include 101.5 Lite FM, which caters a healthy dose of lite rock, easy listening, and adult contemporary music, and Magic 102.7, which focuses on classic hits from the 70s and 80s

As far as other styles goes, 99.9 Kiss Country is the top country station, while several other stations focus more closely on a Spanish-speaking audience. El Zol 95.7 has a Spanish Tropical format, DJ106.7 follows a Spanish CHR format, and and Z92 mixes a few English songs into a music library that generally plays salsa and other upbeat musical styles. Another option for music that strays outside of

Florida radio stations pic
There are unsurprisingly a wealth of Florida radio stations to listen to on your daily drive.

the mainstream is 91.3 WLRN, which is both public radio and a classical music station.

If sportscasting is more your thing, you can choose between SportsRadio 560 and SportsTalk 790, also known as “The Ticket.”

Florida radio stations appeal to a variety of tastes and personalities. Regardless of where you are, you are sure to find a type of music you like, or maybe even just a talk show to listen to. No matter what, we all like to be entertained on the road and here at Linus, we’re no exception!