Natural Attractions in Florida You Need to Visit

Florida is a stunning state that is attracting new residents from near and far. However, with all the new development, it can sometimes be hard to see its organic beauty. If you want to get away from the big loud attractions, here are some natural attractions in Florida any native or visitor should see.

  • Everglades National Park. This is one of Florida’s most treasured natural spots. It is the largest tropical wilderness in the country and is home to plants and animals you will not find anywhere else.
  • John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. While you are in southern Florida, you should also plan a stop at this breathtaking state park. Go snorkeling or scuba diving to see the reef and a wide range of marine life.
  • Crystal River. If you love manatees as much as the average Floridian, you should plan a trip to Crystal River. This is the only place in the state where you can legally get up close and personal with these gentle giants.
  • Blowing Rock Preserve. Located just an hour south of Vero Beach, you watch a spectacular show of waterworks as the ocean waves hit the rocky coastline.

Here at Linus Buick GMC Cadillac, we love calling Florida our home. What is your favorite natural attraction in the state?

Things to Add to Your Bucket List for 2017

Traditionally, a bucket list is a list of things you would like to see or accomplish before you die. But, you can have a bucket list even while you’re still young. Perhaps you’ll be reaching a milestone age this year, or just want to be more adventurous this year. Whatever your motivation, here are some ideas for your bucket list for 2017.

  • Be a tourist. Spend a weekend acting like a tourist in your own city. Go visit traditional tourist destinations, buy yourself a souvenir, and take photos of yourself everywhere you go.
  • Pare down your wardrobe. Look through your closet and dresser. We all have clothes we don’t wear anymore. Get rid of these unwanted items and donate them.
  • Reconnect with someone from your past. Social media like Facebook is a great way to find people you have lost contact with over the year. Find someone like a favorite school teacher and update him or her on your life.
  • Go on a picnic bucket list for 2017Go on a picnic. Round up your favorite people and head out to a local park for a traditional picnic on the grass.
  • Travel to a new state. Plan a trip to a state you’ve never been to before.

Do you have a bucket list? What are some of the things are your list? If your bucket list consists of owning a luxury vehicle, then Linus Cadillac Buick GMC is the place!