Kid Friendly Summer Bucket List Items

kite flying - Vero Beach, FLSummer is a magical time for people of all ages, especially kids. As the weather gets warmer and the sky brighter outdoor adventures are a must.

Luckily, there’s never a shortage of fun things to do! There are literally hundreds of activities for kids to enjoy, but these few always belong on the summer bucket list.


What better way to enjoy summer than by venturing outside for a picnic! Pack along food and refreshments, roll out that blanket and soak in the sun for a peaceful experience


Simple but so effective. Let the wind carry your kite as you chase after it to and fro. A great way to have fun and also get in some exercise!

Backyard Camping

You don’t have to travel far to get away from it all! Spend a night under the stars and become one with nature as you sleep in the gentle breeze.

Water Balloon Fights

Perfect for groups of friend to enjoy together, you can fill up colorful water balloons and throw with all your might as you try to stay cool in the summer heat.

Ice Cream Trips

Last but certainly not least: getting ice cream! The treat that’s ideal during those hot days, ice cream is a staple of surviving summer.

Have any more ideas? Linus Cadillac Buick GMC would love to hear them!

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