Common Towing Terminology

towing terminology If you’ve never towed anything before, it might seem like a fairly simple task—hook up the trailer and drive away. Unfortunately, there’s a bit more you need to know in order to tow safety and effectively. Here is some common towing terminology to get you started.

  • Payload. For a pickup truck, payload refers the maximum weight the truck itself can carry. This includes items in the bed along with passengers. In addition, if you have a trailer attached, the payload includes the tongue weight on the hitch.
  • Maximum Towing. This number refers to the maximum weight that a truck can tow behind it. This includes the weight of the trailer and anything on it. Note that payload and towing amounts affect each other, so if you have a heavy payload, the maximum towing capability will be lower.
  • Gross Vehicle Combined Weight (GVCW). This figure refers to the maximum combined weight of everything in the truck and everything the truck is towing. Combine the curb weight, cargo weight and passenger weight to get the gross vehicle weight (GVW). Add this to the combined weight of the trailer and anything in the trailer for the GVCW.

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Cadillac House in New York Showcases Men’s Fashion

For years now, Cadillac has had an ongoing relationship with the fashion industry and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CDFA). And now, its Cadillac House in New York will show off some of the hottest men’s fashion from New York Fashion Week. From July 12-14, the Cadillac House became Platform 4 and hosted a diverse selection of shows including fashion from Timo Weiland, Gypsy Sport, EFM, and more.

And unlike other Fashion Week events with closed off venues, the Cadillac House’s large windows and open veranda let the public have a peek into the high-end fashion world.

Coinciding with Fashion Week, the Retail Lab hosted inside Cadillac House opened to the public on July 15th. This retail space gives budding fashion talent an opportunity to learn how to market their products to the public. Timo Weiland will be the debut designer with a new featured designer following every quarter.

Steven Kolb, president and CEO of the CFDA said in a statement, “Every designer aspires to a freestanding retail experience that allows them to tell their brand story and connect directly with consumers. Cadillac’s commitment to the industry will help the selected designers make this a reality.”

If you ever visit New York City, be sure to plan a visit to the Cadillac House and see what this innovative public space has to offer.