Beat the Heat: Keeping Your Car Cool this Summer

Keeping your car coolKeeping your car cool in the summer can not only prevent unnecessary breakdowns, but it can also extend the life of your car. Plus, a cool cabin is much more enjoyable for drivers and passengers. That’s why we’ve put together a list of ways for keeping your car cool in warm weather. Not only can you beat the heat, but there are also several ways to optimize cooling and/or save money in the process.

According to CNet, shade is one of the best ways to beat the heat. Cars can reach unbearable temperatures when they sit in sunlight, capable of melting plastic and ruining leather. Plus, overexposure and cause paint to fade as well. Looking for a shaded spot may take a few extra minutes, but it is well worth it.

Instead of setting the A/C to full blast, one good tip is to toggle the A/C. You should always turn off the “recirculation” button (this button usually has a small car with arrows rotating inside), as this takes air from the cabin to reuse it. Normally, air on the inside of your car is warmer than the outside, so this simply makes cooling more difficult. Also, to save gas, try turning on the A/C only when you absolutely need it.

You should also use the bottom vents. One good technique is to open the windows and “push” the hot air out by blasting the floor vents with cool air. Though not necessarily efficient, this will cool your car quickly.

Finally, use a sun shade. These shiny reflectors keep the hot rays out. Premium UV shields can set you back hundreds of dollars, though sometimes all you need is a blanket or a piece of cardboard. If you are worried about appearance, then you may want to opt for a shade from your local auto parts store.

The Best Places to Drive a Convertible in Florida

 places to drive a convertibleDriving a convertible can be a truly liberating experience. With the bright sun and cool winds, you won’t want to leave the driver’s seat. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best places to drive a convertible in Florida. Regardless of your driving preferences, you’ll love these scenic views and fun routes.

According to Good2Go, the best places in the US for driving a convertible are right here in the Sunshine State. Right along the panhandle is a 28.5-mile route known as SR30A that stretches alongside the Gulf of Mexico. You can pass Laguna Beach or stop off and hike down the road.

US Route 1 is without a doubt one of the coolest drive’s you’ll ever experience. The Florida Keys are especially fun to drive on, including the iconic Overseas Highway. Covering a total of 127.5 miles, large sections cover the Atlantic, the Gulf, and more. Plus, architecture buffs will enjoy the array of bridges on the route, numbering more than 40.

The A1A, also called the Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway, is a great destination for convertible owners. You can drive along Florida beaches, including Fort Lauderdale and Daytona, as well as some rural backroads. You may also have a chance to see the Jungle Trail, part of the old SR 252 road in northeast Indian River County.

These are just some of the many great locations to drive in your new car. Naturally, anywhere you drive in your convertible is bound to be enjoyable.