Maintenance 101: When to Change Motor Oil

when to change motor oilKnowing when to change motor oil in your car can have a big impact on how long your engine holds up. Dirty engine oil with built-up particles corrodes the motor, so it’s important to know how to recognize it and when to change motor oil to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Years ago, before cars had advanced as much as they have today, the rule of thumb was to get an oil change every 3,000 miles. But this isn’t the case anymore—many new vehicles can go as many as 10 or 15,000 miles before an oil change is needed, and it varies from vehicle to vehicle. The best way to know is to check your owner’s manual or ask your car dealer.

You should still check your oil fairly regularly, though. It’s not hard to tell if the oil needs changed—just look at the color. Good, clean oil is honey-colored and won’t have any particles in it. If it’s black and it feels grainy when you rub it, get your oil changed ASAP. And if it’s in between—sort of brown but not grainy—you’ll want to get your oil changed soon, but it’s not an emergency.

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GMC is KBB Most Refined Brand in 2016 Brand Image Awards

23969370819_6eb692a791_zIt was announced in late March that GMC was named the KBB Most Refined Brand in the website’s 2016 Brand Image Awards. This is GMC’s third consecutive year winning this award.

The Brand Image Awards are based on responses to KBB’s Brand Watch study, which tracks the perceptions of over 12,000 consumers annually and identifies the most important factors shoppers take into account when buying a new car.

Kelley Blue Book credits the luxury Denali line for cinching the win for GMC. “While the truck- and SUV-only brand remains strongly associated with getting the job done,” writes a KBB editor, “the [Denali lineup] are all distinguished by boldly luxurious styling enhancements and elevated feature sets.”

In previous years, KBB has praised GMC’s ability to add luxury with the Denali line without detracting from the brand’s ruggedness. Over 850,000 Denali models have been sold since 1999, outselling the lineups of various luxury automakers in 2015 and accounting for nearly a quarter of GMC’s sales last year.