Cadillac Introduces Distinctive Cadillac Crystal White Frost Edition for V-Series

If its high-performance V-series models weren’t attractive enough already, Cadillac has unveiled a new Crystal White Frost Edition to make them so distinctive and appealing that we imagine they’ll have the same head-turning effect as the Woman in the Red Dress in the original Matrix movie.

The new Crystal White Frost Edition models feature unique matte-finish white paint and special wheels. They’ll be available on the CTS-V sedan, ATS-V sedan, and ATS-V coupe, which will come standard with the Carbon Fiber and Luxury packages. Also available will be extra performance and luxury options like Recaro bucket seats and microfiber-trimmed control surfaces.

Cadillac Crystal White Frost Edition pic2
The Cadillac Crystal White Frost Edition will be featured on the high performing V-series cars like the ATS-V.

The catch? It’s unlikely we’ll ever even see one at Linus Buick Cadillac GMC. Cadillac will only produce 99 examples of these stunning vehicles: 29 CTS-V sedans, 31 ATS-V sedans, and 3 ATS-V coupes. Needless to say, they’ll be in short supply, and we expect demand to be quite high.

Buick’s Design Inspirations Might Surprise You

Designers use all kinds of ideas for their work—some more creative than others, and others, like Buick’s design inspirations, might surprise you. The automaker has shared some of the design work that has gone into creating the award-winning Buick Avenir concept and some of its upcoming models, revealing that food is one of its principal inspirations. No wonder their cars look so yummy!

Buick’s design inspirations pic
Buick’s design inspirations on models like this Avenir Concept come from food of all things.

Specifically, Buick has found food to be a great source from which to draw when it comes to vehicle colors. According to Design with Science founder Sally Augustin, “a positive experience with a particular food … can develop positive associations with the colors that are clearly linked to that item.” And PPG industries, an automotive paint maker, found that 60% of consumers consider color in their purchase decisions.

You can see that influence in our lineup at Linus Buick Cadillac GMC. The Choccachino interior available in the 2016 Enclave was inspired by chocolate and coffee tones; the Toasted Coconut Metallic paint available on the 2016 Cascada was inspired by golden brown coconut flakes; and the Crystalline color of the Avenir concept car was inspired by the multi-layered green undertones of an artichoke!